Alicia Silverstone No Makeup

Alicia Silverstone Without Makeup

Keep in mind method back in the early 90s when Alicia Silverstone was hot and badass in those Aerosmith videos? Stephen Dorff cheated on her so she got her bellybutton pierced and gave him the finger while hanging from a bridge on a bungee cord, and it was remarkable … remember that.

Then she starred in Clueless, which had its moments, and then in the George Clooney Batman motion picture as Batgirl, which was dreadful. Then she basically disappeared. Only to resurface previously this year in a disgusting Web video in which she feeds her infant son pre-chewed food directly from her own mouth.

I don't believe she did anything in the intervening years aside from end up being a vegan and lose her looks. Now 35 years old, her long blonde hair is still flowing and charming, and sadly she still has that weird, twisty mouth thing going on. She's a vocal endorser of a vegan way of life, with her own website on the subject, and even her own brand name of natural skin care and charm items.

Someone needs to tell her that to be an effective spokeperson for an item or a cause … no matter how crispy it is … you have to make an effort to look like it operates in order to bring in people to want to use what you're selling. Having actually seen how she looks these days, I will run like Forrest Gump far from whatever she's utilizing, since she looks awful. And Alicia Silverstone without makeup looks absolutely awful.

First and foremost, that mole on her forehead is godawful and need to be gotten rid of instantly. Without makeup, her skin tone looks blotchy and horrible … I believed being a vegan was supposed to clear that up Total, while she looks horrible, she does look tranquil and even vaguely crazy. Not as crazy as she looks in the next image though …

In the next picture, she has to be stoned or sleepwalking. She looks really rough. And, once again, that mole is revolting. Maybe her son might chew it off.

Alicia Silverstone No Makeup

Alicia Silverstone With Makeup

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