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Internet is full of pirated sites these days, it is so hard to find those sites which provide good quality content. Movierulz is one of those leading sites which provide you good quality content before any of the sites do. So guys if you are looking for information about movierulz then this article is for you guys because in this article I am going to describe everything about this site. So to get full information about this site please read the article till the end.


Movierulz ms is a one-stop destination for movie lovers. It provides you with the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies before any of the other sites. It is one of the leading movie sites worldwide as the content uploaded over here is in HD quality and is the latest. Though these types of sites are providing pirated stuff so it is banned in many of the counties of the world. The same case is in India, as the Indian law forbids to watch or promote the pirated content. But there are some other ways by which you can watch movies and download it from Movierulz. 

How does this site work?

This site can feed the needs of every person as this site consists of various Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood movies. The interface of this site is also very user-friendly ad very easy to use. You can search through various movies with the help of a search bar or can surf through various filters according to the date of release, popularity, or various genre available. The content available on this site is pirated and due to various laws and copyright issues, these sites get banned and after that, it comes up with various similar new names.

Other domain sites of Movierulz ms

As already told, due to the pirated content they serve over this site gets banned by the government and after that, they come up with new domain names. Some of the new domains of movierulz are




Is it safe to use movierulz?

The answer is yes and no both.

Though these sites serve pirated and copyright content, it is illegal in our country and moreover there are lots of advertisement over these type of sites which are full of viruses and can pose threat to your personal data as well as your device. So it is not very safe to visit these kinds of sites.

There are some other tools which help you to surf these kinds of sites not entirely but somehow safely. There are various adblockers available by which you can block these kinds of ads and get access to this banned site you can also use a VPN which helps you to gain access. Vpn helps you to bypass various types of security bans and by this, you will be able to watch the copyright and pirated stuff. 

How to use Movierulz without ads?

There are different ways to block the ads on these kinds of sites. If you are using a pc then you can download the adblocker extension in chrome which would help you with blocking various types of annoying popup ads, other advertisements that act as a hindrance in downloading stuff from these kinds of sites.

If you are using an android phone then you can download any adblocker application from the play store which would help you to block these kinds of ads or you can download adblocker extension in the browser that would do the same for you.

Reason for blocking these sites by government

In many countries, it is illegal to serve and promote the pirated and copyright content because these sites provide the movies without the permission of its original owners or producers. Indian law forbids us to do this unethical stuff and it is a punishable offense.

The CAM recorded or leaked prints affect the earning of newly released movies as the various suspense are already leaked in public and moreover, people don’t want to spend money over watching movies in theatre rather they watch movies over these sites.

Also, these sites contain various malware and viruses which steal the user’s personal data and can also harm their device and could be responsible for their data damage. 

How to safely visit & these sites?

For your safety, you need three things

First is Adblocker– it helps you to block various types of annoying ads that would come in between you and your entertainment and by doing this you would be safe from various data-stealing ads if you click over it accidentally.

Second is VPN– VPN helps you to bypass the various blocked stuff and hence providing you the access of these sites very easily.

Third is Antivirus- a good antivirus is a must while surfing these kinds of sites because these sites contain many viruses and malware which would harm your personal data as well as the device. To protect you from these viruses a good antivirus is very important.

Source of earning of the sites like Movierulz

The main source of these sites is mainly the advertisements that are present all over the page. The various advertisement that is present on these sites is popup ads, direct ads, affiliate ads, redirecting ads, etc.

Whenever we accidentally click over any advertisement then it either redirects us to any page or automatically downloads some software which would be making the user’s experience even worse.

Because they are mainly dependent over advertisements so they have various software that bypass the various adblockers used by the surfers.

However, some of these sites contain various viruses that would steal the data from users and these sites would trade this data in return for money.

Alternatives of Movierulz

There are many alternative websites to Moviesrulz pz or movierulz ms or movierulz mx like tamilrockers, tamilgun, tamilyogi, sockshare, 9xmovies, 9xrockers, isaimini movies, etc. Few alternatives are described as


This site is a very good alternative to movierulz as this site provides you various tv shows along with movies. The content is provided in various regional languages that suit best to every user’s requirement.


Like movierulz, this site also provides you various Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood content. The quality of movies is very impressive as most of the movies are in HD quality. It is completely free to use this site which makes it more popular among users.


It is a great website that offers you almost every movie and series that would fit into the user’s liking. However, this site also serves the pirated content and relies only on advertisements for their income as they do not charge anything from users, unlike various other sites that would charge users for providing them this type of content.


Tamilgun is also a good alternative to movierulz as it also provides various Tamil movies and tv shows. The number of ads is very less as compared to various other sites which make the user’s experience seamless and easy. 


It is to inform that this article is only for educational purpose. We don’t support any type of piracy or any illegal way of distributing movies or tv shows. As our Indian law forbids us to support or provide any type of pirated and copyright product.

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