Zooey Deschanel No Makeup

Zooey Deschanel Without Makeup

Zooey Deschanel and the issue with #nomakeup Instagram selfies

This weekend, New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel posted a sleepy-looking picture of herself to Instagram. “Good early morning! #nomakeup #nofilter,” it revealed.

The photo, revealing a still quite, albeit a little bed-eyed Deschanel, was repeatedly lauded for “keeping it genuine,” being brave, as admirable for its sincerity. Actually, none of this is her fault: She's simply a (beautiful) lady who shared a (lovely) picture. The problem is the idea of the #nomakeup selfie itself.

It's the worst type of humblebrag. It's “I just woke up like this” satisfies “my hair simply does that” satisfies “no, I'm so fat.” And it's even worse when someone who is inarguably placed to be much better looking than the average human tacks it on. And worse yet when we constantly celebrate her for it.

Does this picture make me feel much better? Is it a relief that often, just like me, starlets are sleepy and have very somewhat tousled hair in the early morning? No, and not due to the fact that I wake up looking numerous, many times more unmade than that, but because for some reason I'm expected to believe that discreetly bragging about my unmadeness will make me brave and exceptional.

However! There's a catch: My early morning state of appearance is just worthwhile of such appreciation if:

My skin is clear
My hair isn't in knots
My eyes aren't puffy
I do not look too fat, or too thin
My lips aren't chapped
I don't have any noticeable wrinkles
Absolutely nothing is inflamed
My eyebrows aren't growing together
My roots aren't revealing
The bags under my eyes aren't too evident
My forehead isn't oily

Then and just then am I brave. Otherwise, I'm just stupid-looking. Or simply ill or worn out. Or I could utilize a little mascara. And even if I did share a selfie appearing like a hot mess, it would not be brave. It would simply … be. Some things are brave, and this is not one of them.

If you feel good without makeup, that's fine and great! However it's simply your face, without makeup. The premise of the #nomakeup selfie is that we're to be commemorated for our bare faces, but with a catch– they still need to look great. And in any case, it's still just your face. It's not an act of bravery, Toaster-filtered or naked as the day you were born.

Posting this makes Zooey Deschanel adorable, amusing, whimsical, relaxed, and pretty. However neither this, nor any other #nomakeup selfie, makes her brave.

Zooey Deschanel with Makeup and without Makeup

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